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The One About My Health

I’ve debated on how I’ve wanted to do this for months, honestly. I wasn’t sure when the right time would be or what platform would be best, but my writing usually wins. I have created a Youtube channel since the last time I wrote a post, but I am still finding my place with how…

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The One About “The One”

God, you guys are really going to roll your eyes at this one. Hear me out. Every failed attempt at friendships. Every failed attempt at hookups. Every failed attempt at relationships. Hell, every failed attempt at crushing on someone.. I mess it up. I’ve spent years asking myself, why do you have to ruin a…

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The One About Christmas Eve

Okay, so Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of year and blah blah its a scam. I have always hated the holidays for a few reasons: It reminds me that I’m poor It reminds me that my family is dysfunctional I usually work on Christmas Eve and it makes me emotional watching old…

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The One About Taking Chances

This one is for the women (and men) that are the unexpected leaders… a little too late. You see, I am a bubbly and engaged person in my every day life. I am involved with my sorority (somewhat), I am involved with my college education (somewhat), and I am involved with my future (somewhat). I…

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Tinder Guy #2: Music Boy

I know you are used to hearing about my awful experiences, but Guy #2 isn’t all that bad. Let’s rewind back to May this year. Specifically, the last day of my junior year and before I took my last final. I had recently downloaded Tinder again for the 600th time and I remember seeing that…

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