The One About Christmas Eve

Okay, so Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of year and blah blah its a scam. I have always hated the holidays for a few reasons:

  1. It reminds me that I’m poor
  2. It reminds me that my family is dysfunctional
  3. I usually work on Christmas Eve and it makes me emotional watching old people  eat alone

So this Christmas Eve was nothing short of interesting… as always. We were super busy at work and I could’ve cried because of the terrible tips I was getting. I know its silly, but all of my coworkers were getting these amazing tips and I was getting stiffed left and right. Like its Christmas, give me your money.

It was almost the end of the day and I was emotionally and physically exhausted. My coworkers had all either received a $50, $100, or $200 tip in the matter of 4 hours. I was rocking with $40 for the whole day. My ugly crying was about to make an appearance. I really have never felt the need to cry like I did that day and I just needed to release it. The combo of the holidays with the day I was having were really making it hard to keep my shit together.

The host said “good luck with that table” to me and I just released it. I had to pull one of those “run to the bathroom and breathe deeply until I can focus” moments. I finally came back out and served my last few tables which included a family of 6 who noticed my tears and an older lady who was eating alone. I got this terrible feeling that she was eating alone because she didn’t have anyone to be with for the holidays and it broke my heart even more. So excuse my tears, but I decided to pay for her meal because something good had to come out of that day. I told her to not worry about paying for it and she got tears in her eyes and said “who paid for it?” and I told her it was me. She turned her head, started crying, and then grabbed my hand. She said “thank you sweetie, you didn’t have to do that.” I think I made her day and that made everything else melt away. Who cares that I made $40 that day, who honestly cares. I was able to make that woman’s day a little brighter. I went to give the other table their check and they asked if they could pay for that woman’s meal. I had to awkwardly tell them that I already did. They asked if they could add her bill to my tip.. So I said sure and ended up with a $30 tip from that nice family.

Fast forward 30 minutes and I am cleaning the kitchen and getting ready to close the restaurant. I went to go clean those tables and both were gone. I looked on the woman’s table and surprisingly, she had left money. I was expecting maybe $2 or something (which is completely fine with me) and I saw a $20 bill.. and three more $20 bills. This woman left me $80 after I paid her $11 bill.

Moral of the story: stop being a snob when something doesn’t go your way. You don’t need to have a perfect day in order to have a good day. Everything happens for a reason, and in my case I usually have to take the hard way to get there. I had an amazing Christmas (for once) filled with family and friends and I couldn’t ask for anything more in my life. So take a step back every once in awhile to see the bigger picture and don’t take everything so seriously.

Happy Sunday, do your homework and stop procrastinating!

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