The One About Tinder

Oh, have you been waiting for this one? Yeah, well I have been waiting for someone worth my time, so I guess we all like to disappoint each other.

If you have been living under a very, very large rock and are unfamiliar with Tinder (also known as one of the world’s most entertaining shitstorms), then let me explain it to you. I think it was meant to be a dating app that includes all age ranges so no one feels left out. But the college students adopted this app on accident as their own, and it is now known as the source to hook up with people or to just mess with people. I think you can guess where I fall under those two user descriptions.

I gained hope when I heard about Tinder going into my first year of college. I thought maybe this would be the moment I would find a guy that was actually interesting and respectable… Yeah, okay Stephanie.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t even count on both hands the relationships that have worked out because of Tinder. I think its great, and I’m happy for my friends. If I start to get that little green jealousy monster sometimes, remember that I am the type of person that would rather make fun of rude guys instead of meeting them to have unsatisfying sexual experiences.

In true Stephanie fashion, I would like to run you through some of my most memorable Tinder experiences (and screenshots).

Some men get straight to the point.






Some men are rude.



Some men make it to texting me and it usually doesn’t end well.

This was before I chopped my hair off to my chin and adopted the cutest haircut I’ve ever had. I believe I was simply stating I was cutting my hair, not asking opinions, but he gave me his anyway.


Oops. I did it anyway.



This one happens to be friends with two of my very good friends, so I tolerated his behavior for about 24 hours before telling him to stop texting me. Everyone asked me why I continued to entertain him for those 24 hours, and I finally realized why. 1. I like to argue. 2. He was trying to tell me that I was some man-hater that doesn’t appreciate gentlemen. I want to say this LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: I am not focused on finding the man of my dreams or really any men at all at this point in time, but I know for a fact that being polite and a gentleman is one of the key things I’ll look for. For this imbecile to assume that I don’t appreciate that because I wouldn’t send him nude pictures sets my standards even higher for the men I just want to talk to for a day. That is saying a lot. Here is the full conversation. Yes, its real. No, I’m not sorry that you now have to read this too.


Some men I just like to mess with.









There some men who can actually make me laugh before I unmatch them. Sometimes it takes being from Canada to keep my attention.



I’ve been half way across the world on my Tinder game. I was in the mountains in Italy when I was matching with these humans, which freaked me out because their location was only like .1 miles from me. Never met up with any of them, kinda regret it. I’ll be back Stefano and Yari.

What college women dream about going abroad:


What the reality turned out to be (which is even better):



So, what Mama Steph is trying to save you future Tinder users (or current users) from, is yourself. I think the app is honestly genius for people in their 20’s. We are bored, we want to hookup, be rude to people, or just browse our area. This is the perfect way to interact with people without actually putting in the effort. I have also learned so much about myself and I have grown as a human. I don’t want to thank Tinder, but I guess thank you for making me stronger in a weird way.

I know from this post, it seems like I hide behind my electronic device, giggling and coming up with new insults to throw at men… BUT I have actually met a lot of guys because of this app. Obviously, since I’m single (thanks for pointing that out), none of them worked out. But some of them almost did or they were so ridiculous I have to acknowledge them. Thanks to my dear friend Emily, I will be posting a saga of my Tinder men in following posts.

Have a great $2 Tuesday!

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