The One About Whole30

Alright, so lets talk about the lifestyle that has been the biggest hype of fall 2017. I saw my friends partaking in it, and I was trying to find a new way to be healthy. First, let me show you my 30 day personal log pulled right from my Twitter.

Day 1 of #Whole30: scared, but ready.

Day 2 of #Whole30: im ok we are ok I made dis

chicken salad.jpg

Day 3 of #Whole30: need sugar so bad but here’s cauliflower shrimp stir fry that I made

stir fry.jpg

Day 4 of #Whole30: tried out the Owlery for the first time in Bloom!! I had a Cobb salad with vegan cheese, tofu chicken, and tofu bacon


Day 5 of #Whole30: idk I look at anything and I just think of this Bernie gif


Day 6 of #Whole 30: haven’t really thought about food today, just wanted to crawl under my comforter but I have to work

Day 6 of #Whole30 pt 2: coworkers were drinking td and I had to refuse wine… I’m dead inside

Day 7 of #Whole30: holy crap one week down!! These and the Lara bars are keeping me sane but much like the package, I am a mess. I twitch every time I’m offered sushi at work or friends want to get pizza. I’m ok we’re ok it’ll be ok

Day 8 of #Whole30: Not supposed to weigh myself but fuck it, I’ve lost 4 pounds and I feel amazing. I went to Chili’s with Elyce and Dickley and got a bacon, avacado chicken sandwich without the provolone & bread and it was hella good. It was a good day, I am strong.

Day 9 of #Whole30: haven’t felt very strong today. I’ve had so many encouraging words from Ashley, Elyce, & Steph today that kept me going. Blessed to have the friends that are in my life. Elyce made me salsa chicken on top of a salad and it was yum

Day 10 of #Whole30: 1/3 of the way there!! Here are some vibezzzz of today and I’ll post a pic of my dinner soon

Day 10 of #Whole30 pt 2: um yum?! Guy fieri approved

Day 11 of #Whole30: Today was a pretty good day. I’m stoked that I’ve made it this far and that self control is now a quality that I possess. Woo!

Day 12 of #Whole30: Not a lot of time to eat today so I’ll probably be hangry while I’m at work staring at the sushi but I will just think happy thoughts while dying inside.

Day 13 of #Whole30: Didnt get too angry about food that day. I feel really great and I’m happy that I have self control now a days

Day 14 of #Whole30: accidentally became the biggest struggle of them all and I think I slightly cheated but it’ll be ok I worked a double and was weak.

Day 15 of #Whole30: holy moly I am half way there. I made it through homecoming without a drop of alcohol, 4 shifts, 4 midterms, and a few gym visits. I’m going to try out some new recipes this week!

Day 16 of #Whole30: not a bad day at all, dreaming about a papa johns pizza

Day 17 of #Whole30: carrots and guac are like my guilty pleasure at this point and also black coffee is running through my veins

Day 18 of #Whole30: only 12 more days!!!!!! I want a taco

Day 19 of #Whole30: I made chicken, red potatoes, and asparagus last night and it was flame. My body feels better and better every day and I’m ready to continue my lifestyle with just some drunk big cheez here and there

Day 20 & 21 of #Whole30: everything is going well and I’m so excited to have made it this far!! Couldn’t have done it without all the support

Day 22 of #Whole30: my friends have been making/bringing me compliant food and I couldn’t be happier. 8 days and another pound gone!!

Day 23 of #Whole30: ONE WEEK LEFT UNTIL I CAN CRAM A BURRITO IN MY MOUTH but yanno I’m doing well

Day 24 & 25 of #Whole30: so so close to the end of this journey and I can’t wait to go out with my friends again but I’m really happy with how much I don’t need sugar anymore

Day 26 of #Whole30: im in the home stretch!!! Have to miss several parties this weekend but I am sucking it up and waiting till Tuesday

Day 27 of #Whole30: idk really would enjoy a sandwich

Day 28 of #Whole30: I like coffee

Day 29 of #Whole30: tomorrow is the last day!! I still want to follow a lot of the rules of whole30, because I have realized that I lose control when I’m bored or upset

Day 30 of #Whole30: writing a blog post of my experience when I get home!!! Chugging a beer when I wake up tomorrow in the spirit of a spooky Halloween

Okay, so let’s discuss what I couldn’t write on social media in 140 characters.

First of all, I won’t act like I’m an expert on all things Whole30, but I for sure had help from my friends who went through it and I in fact, went through it.

It is important to not consider this thing a diet or a weight loss journey. Its purpose is to be a lifestyle change and to give the name a more positive connotation. BUT, this is my experience personally, so I’ll give you the low down. Either you’re a person reading this post, you are interested in Whole30, or a combination of both.

Q1: Is Whole30 hard to complete?

Yes, it is very hard. Every person I’ve talked to that has went through it claims it was a difficult 30 days. I have learned that my relationship with food is extremely unhealthy as well. I resort to eating when I am bored or upset. I don’t have an addictive personality with anything else besides food, so thanks for that unnerving wake up call.

Q2: What can/can’t you eat?

CAN’T                                                                                  CAN

  1. Dairy                                                                              1. Vegetables
  2. Grains                                                                            2. Fruits
  3. Alcohol                                                                           3. Unprocessed Meats
  4. Legumes                                                                        4. Seafood & Eggs
  5. Added Sugar                                                                 5. Nuts & Seeds (no peanuts)
  6. Carrageenan, MSG, & Sulfites                                    6. Oils (some) & Ghee
  7. “Junk” Food                                                                   7. Coffee

This is the most difficult part of the month, figuring out what is allowed and what isn’t. I will give you some advice on this one, go for simplicity. I never went wrong with black coffee, a Cashew Cookie Larabar, and an orange in the morning. Chicken and veggies are so easy and yum for dinner. Don’t look for the most complicated meal on Pinterest, look for some inspirations and just do it yourself.

Want soda? Go grab an 8 pack of La Croix (cherry lime and tangerine are my faves). They will be your favorite by the end of this thing.


Q3: Stephanie, did you cheat?

Unfortunately, yeah I did. I think I lasted about 20 days and then it started with something small and ended with me cramming sushi in my mouth. I think working at a food place was my downfall. I watched my coworkers eating & going out after work and I was so jealous. I never did cheat on alcohol or bread, and only a cake pop (only? stephanie) regarding sugar.

Rice was my downfall. You realize what foods you adore and can’t get rid of when you go through Whole30. Not that rice is horrifically bad for you, but the way I was eating it was like I could never get a chance to eat it again.

Let me clarify that you are NOT supposed to cheat. You are supposed to immediately start over on day 1. I think that goes without saying but I don’t consider myself a failure in the process. I seriously learned so much about myself in these 30 days.

Q4: Did you lose weight?

Okay, okay. So they stress the fact that it is not a weight loss journey. My friend actually gained half a pound going through it but we realized it was probably because she was already so healthy that Whole30 really wasn’t for her. I didn’t have that healthy of habits at time, so I thought I would give it a shot.

I ended up losing 11 pounds. I feel amazing, so woo! Here are some pictures if you can spot the difference!


Q5: Did you notice any health benefits from Whole30?

This is going to be my favorite question to answer. So I did this diet because I’m not great at consistently being healthy. Also, since I’m 21 and stupid half the time, my main goal was to shed some pounds. Um, no. There were some other pretty cool things that happened to my body this month.

I think almost every American is in some way, shape, or form addicted to sugar. Its how we were bribed as kids and its how we essentially bribe ourselves as adults. The first 3 or 4 days of the month, black coffee and La Criox (sugarless, flavored sparkling water) were torture to me. Fast forward 3 weeks later, I am now a sucker for black coffee and love having La Criox with food. My preferences have tremendously changed with sugar, and I am happy about it.

Second thing, the reason my boobs have been massive my entire life is because of genetics and I had cysts inside of them. You know when the lady in the commercial is telling you to check your breasts for lumps, because it could potentially be breast cancer? Yeah, I decided to feel one day when I was 14 and WOULDN’T YOU KNOW, I FELT MULTIPLE LUMPS. I told my mom its the end of the line for me, I won’t be living much longer because I have multiple breast cancer lumps.. Not just one, but both my boobs were full of these lumpy rock like things. So we made an appointment with the doctor and scheduled a ultrasound on them. Turns out they are common and described as “small, generally harmless sacs filled with fluid”. I was told they are caused by genetics and oh, mostly sugar. They have bothered me for about 7 years and they have gotten larger, like the doctor predicted as the size correlates with my sugar intake. Oh, okay stephanie just keep eating the sugar.

SO the other day, I’m on like day 27 of no sugar. I was at the mall and went into VS. The lady asked me if I wanted to get fitted for a bra and I said sure. In 27 days I magically went from a FF to a DD. I was baffled. How? Later that night I touched my boob and it felt like a basic boob. Same for the other one. Because I cut out sugar and my body adjusted accordingly, I no longer had this awful problem that was causing me discomfort.

Treating your body right has many benefits other than weight loss. Focus on bettering yourself and not losing yourself.

I have taken a lot with me from this past month and I have grown as a human. I encourage anyone who wants to take the journey to just do it. Do it for yourself, not because its “in” right now. Know that there are so many other men and women that have felt the pain from the lack of sugar and have come out not needing it anymore.

You can do this.



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