100 Weirdly Happy Things

  1. When the sun starts to rise in the morning and it blinds you while you’re driving but you’re okay with it.
  2. Running late to work and clocking in 32 seconds before your shift.
  3. When the stop light turns yellow and you know damn well you should have stopped but you floor it and make it without hearing sirens blaring behind you.
  4. Taking that first sip of coffee in the morning.
  5. Taking your gross work shoes off after a long shift and appreciating how soft the ground is.
  6. Binge watching Shameless and suddenly turning into a badass.
  7. Looking out of the car window and pretending you’re in a romcom.
  8. Creating a small unrealistic business with your best friend.
  9. Smelling a perfume that takes you back to the time you used to sneak out of your bedroom window every night.
  10. Putting jeans on and realizing they are becoming loose.
  11. The burning feeling after doing squats that makes you feel like Kim K.
  12. Being sweaty after a workout.
  13. Making your mom laugh about extremely inappropriate things you couldn’t tell her a couple years ago.
  14. Being the most nontraditional sorority girl with your actual sorority sisters.
  15. Being the most inappropriate person in the room at all times.
  16. Being able to make anyone laugh.
  17. Being able to listen to everyone’s problems and relate to them in a certain way.
  18. Making food and not burning it.
  19. Washing your apron and remembering to take the ink pens out of the pockets before you dry it (sorry Sharyl).
  20. Being able to go to the store and remember everything you intended to buy.
  21. Going on a first date that isn’t awkward.
  22. When someone tells you that you have a nice butt.
  23. Hoarding memorabilia.
  24. The highest setting on a fan that nearly blows you away but you kind of like it.
  25. Walking a dog that is bigger than you and getting dragged by it.
  26. Puppy kisses.
  27. The first bite of a chocolate bar (and the second, and the third…).
  28. Remembering to write in your journal.
  29. Remembering to pay your car payment before it gets taken away.
  30. Talking to a boy when you didn’t have that ability a few years ago.
  31. When you put too much Parmesan cheese on your spaghetti.
  32. When your tea is finally a temperature that won’t burn your tongue off and make you regret every bad thing you’ve ever done.
  33. Crafting something that looks just as good as the example on Pinterest.
  34. Saving your money and feeling like an actual adult.
  35. Buying Christmas presents for your friends and family.
  36. Making scrambled eggs that are perfectly cooked and not too dry and not too under cooked.
  37. When the professor says you don’t need to buy the textbook.
  38. When an old friend reaches out on Facebook.
  39. When you’re childhood nemesis has a baby and you have a 3.5 GPA.
  40. Season 2 of Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why.
  41. Ice cream for breakfast.
  42. When there is an even ratio of peanut butter and jelly on your sandwich.
  43. When someone holds the door open for you and you feel important.
  44. When you finish a book and feel like your life is somehow changed.
  45. Signing the lease to your own apartment.
  46. Kissing a baby on the head.
  47. Being able to speak a perfect paragraph in the Italian language.
  48. Pizza that has the perfect ratio of cheese, toppings, sauce, and crust.
  49. Ice cream that is under $4 for a large portion.
  50. The first snow of the year when you can’t remember why you wished for it in July.
  51. The sound of typing on a keyboard.
  52. Remembering all the words to a rap song.
  53. Dabbing without even hesitating.
  54. Perfume that stays on your skin all day.
  55. Nail polish that doesn’t chip after one day of flawlessness.
  56. Making a friend that you didn’t know you needed.
  57. Finishing a 10 page paper in the 2 hours before its due.
  58. The first bite of a sandwich.
  59. Taking your last final of the semester.
  60. Giving a big tip to a server.
  61. Receiving a big tip from a customer.
  62. Laughing so hard you develop asthma.
  63. Doing a perfect front flip on a trampoline.
  64. Calling your mom to say I love you.
  65. Nailing the chorus to your favorite song while you’re the only one in the car.
  66. Having a genuinely happy day with no sadness involved.
  67. Finding a good deal at an expensive store.
  68. Drinking the first Dog n Suds Rootbeer of the summer.
  69. Finding booties that are adorable and don’t hurt your feet.
  70. Not destroying your fav pair of Nikes because you wear them for every occasion.
  71. When your hair sits right for the first time since you got your hair cut.
  72. Finding a penny heads up on the ground and thinking you will have good luck for the rest of your life.
  73. When they give you two BBQ sauces at McDonald’s.
  74. When the shower temperature is perfect and not scalding your skin off or freezing like balls.
  75. When your eyebrows are perfectly arched.
  76. When the first shot of the night goes down smoothly.
  77. When you’re pumping gas and it is perfectly even number.
  78. When you’re a couple cents off at the register and someone immediately gives it to you.
  79. When someone pays for your food in a drive thru.
  80. When you know exactly what you want on your sandwich at Subway and you’re not stressed.
  81. Letting someone read your writing and they enjoy it.
  82. When your ice cream doesn’t immediately melt when you’re outside.
  83. Finding the perfect shade of foundation.
  84. When your pants pull up high enough to tuck your fat roll in.
  85. When you paint an even layer on a canvas with no flaws.
  86. Making a list of everything you have to do and actually completing it.
  87. When there is no one in the aisle at the grocery store.
  88. When you make intense eye contact with a baby or dog.
  89. Holding a hand that fits perfectly in yours.
  90. Running over something in the road and suddenly believing in god when your tire isn’t flat.
  91. Knowing exactly what you want when the server comes back with your drinks.
  92. Having the perfect amount of ranch to dip your wings in.
  93. Leaving the gym feeling refreshed and not wheezy.
  94. Cloudy days where it’s the perfect temperature to lay in bed and watch TV.
  95. Sticking up for yourself.
  96. The feeling of someone kissing you back.
  97. Guessing the right answer.
  98. Finding the last pair of shoes in your size at a store.
  99. Holding the door open for someone and them thanking you.
  100. Being able to make an unusual list of happy things in your everyday life.



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