Why I’m Still A Waitress


Everyone has that job that they started junior year of high school and never seemed to quit. Maybe I forgot to quit when college started or I just genuinely love working there. Flash forward four years and I still work there on the weekends and on breaks. I’ve had the same serving job for so long now and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

I’ve tried working at other restaurants. I’ve tried working in retail. I’ve tried not working at all and then my Old Navy habits and my credit card begged me to stop being delusional. I can’t help it, my bank account and I have a soft spot for serving at this restaurant.

Time and time again, I ask myself why I keep coming back. Is it the early mornings and the hundreds of silverware sets I have to roll before I leave? Is it the rude comments from customers or the catty fights with other waitresses? OR is it the ranch in my hair and the sweat under my butt? All I know is that I have some cold hard cash, back problems, friendships, and anger issues that are irreplaceable from the past four years. Let me tell you about some of the crazy things that have happened so far.

One time an older woman yelled at me for giving her “too much” food. I said, “Do you want a box?” and she replied with “No, I want smaller portions, I’m going to get fat.” Oh well that sounds like a whole lot of not my fucking problem, control yourself.

One time two women came in when I was new and I did a poor job of serving them. Maybe because we can’t all be Hilary Duff in Cinderella Story. They called me a couple of names and didn’t come back for a year. GUESS WHO GOT THEM AGAIN. This time I was much better at serving. I had managed to dye my hair black and get a nose piercing within that time period so apparently that made me unrecognizable. They left me with these exact words… “You are so much better than the bitch we had a year ago” and left me $10. You know what? Yes, yes I am better than that bitch, I think she was fired. Thanks for the money.

One time I got in a fight with a coworker because we just so happened to be best friends and we had a lot of issues outside of the restaurant to begin with. I really didn’t want to be friends anymore and I was too much of a weenie to tell her. I got really sassy one day and she called me out so I basically yelled at her and threw a chicken finger at her face to get my point across. I learned that if you want to easily end a friendship, just throw chicken at said person.

With all of these crazy experiences comes amazing experiences. I have had the most unexpected strangers leave me $20 on a $10 bill or regulars tell me that I was one of the sweetest people they have ever met (lol me?). What I’m trying to say is that there is a bigger reason that I’ve stayed after four years other than the money. Its the customers (easy and difficult), my coworkers, my bosses, the cooks that sneak me cheese fries, and the feeling of actually making someone’s dining experience memorable.

This job has pushed me towards a career field that I belong in… the wedding industry. I’ve realized that I love making a person’s experience as happy and memorable as I possibly can. I am thankful for the job that I stumbled across four years ago because it has shaped me into the joyful, aggressive, and hard-working little human that I am today.

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