My Friend Ellie

best friends

So her name isn’t actually Ellie, but she will figure it out once she reads this. Everyone has an Ellie in their life, whether it be a friend, parent, significant other, you name it.

In my last post, The Girl That Always Comes In Second, Ellie and I seem to share a common trait. About 80% of the time, her greatness is not recognized. I tell her on a daily basis that she is important to everyone around her even though she doesn’t always get praised.

Ellie is so fucking beautiful. I am not exaggerating. She seriously makes the room light up when she enters. She has this smile that shines as bright as the north star, hair that makes every girl envious, and eyes that make you question if you are even worthy enough to look at her. But the quality that makes her most beautiful is the fact that she has no idea she is beautiful. In theory, she should make men stop in their tracks… But somehow, they keep walking.

Her career path consists of mental breakdowns and A LOT of strength. Oh and she is so strong. She won’t let anyone see her cry. She won’t let a normal person see when she is broken down because she doesn’t want to inconvenience anyone.

I realized that Ellie and I were going to be great friends when she immediately laughed at one of my stupid ass jokes. She threw her head back and gave me an honest laugh for a joke that wasn’t really funny at all. I started spending a lot of time with her after that and I realized how fortunate I was to not have wasted any more time on this earth without her.

I like to believe that I don’t need anyone, because I am independent and don’t need no man (or woman). But, I did need someone like Ellie. I needed someone who felt the same way that I did when I walked into a room full of people. Invisible. I now make sure that Ellie never feels invisible when I’m in the room with her. I remind her that she is important, beautiful, intelligent, and so underrated.

She will find her place in this world someday and I think that day is soon. People that have difficult pasts usually have the most satisfying futures. Ellie is about to embark on a journey that most people would die for, and I am so proud of her for doing what scares the living shit out of her. She will soon be leaving her comfort zone and doing what really matters to her. She is going places.

If you feel like the friend writing this or if you relate more to Ellie, just know that you are noticed and appreciated. You are so loved by the people who are meant to love you. You may not realize it yet, but your time is now.

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